hot–air balloon
mountains train tent

waterpark university cafe
sea gym library
boat car cinema shop
parking lot bus bowling alley


out of 21

You’re a tiger – more conquests await!

in a plane in a hot–air balloon in the mountains on a train in a tent on a ship in a waterpark
at university in a cafe in the sea at the gym in the library on a boat in a car
at the cinema in a shop in a parking lot on a bus at a bowling alley in a park on a bench


had sex in the sea

How to have sex wherever you want and enjoy it

  • Sex in the cinema is a classic of the genre. Just make sure that the rest of the audience are glued to the screen and not to the steamy adult entertainment you’re cooking up.

  • Sex on the beach is a heady cocktail of sensual pleasure, just make sure you’ve got a sunshade, you want to be burning up with passion not solar radiation.

  • Sex within the hallowed halls of a university is basically brushing up on your practical skills, even if you haven’t done your homework you’re gonna get full marks. Just make sure the lecturers don’t catch you or you might just not make the grade.